What’s Bugging Your Home This July?

Dear Readers,

Do you have some “uninvited guests’ pestering your home this Independence Day? No worries! Brezden Pest Control is exactly what the doctor ordered. Call Brezden Pest Control today to get rid of those pesky critters bugging your home.

Brezden Pest Control has been operating in the San Luis Obispo area since 1980. We are a locally-owned family company that specializes in residential and commercial pest control services.

All of our services are 100% guaranteed. We offer complete pest control solutions that are available on a monthly, bi-monthly, or one-time basis. We also offer customized service scheduling options.

Not sure what kind of pests that you have bugging you? Visit our online Pest Library to view pictures and descriptions of common household critters that may be bugging you or someone that you know.

If you’re not sure what kind of bug is bugging you, give us a call so that we can visit your home or office to complete a pest control analysis and assessment to determine what kind of pest control issue you’re having and the best plan of action to rid you of that pesky problem.

To request a customized service estimate contact us online here.

Brezden Pest Control Service are available Monday through Friday. We also offer same-day and emergency weekend service.

Let us help you prepare to have your home bug free this Fourth of July and declare your Independence this year from pesky critters invading your home!

Visit our Testimonials page to see what other satisfied customers have to say about Brezden Pest Control Services.

Quick Pest Control Tips

Many common household pests can be discouraged from entering your space by using some common things that you may find in your home. Common solutions include:

  • Coffee Grounds to Repel Ants
  • Cloves, Clover, or Eucalyptus hanging from a ceiling helps to Repel Household Flies.
  • Use Boric Acid under sinks and wherever you may notice moisture to Repel Silverfish.

Using these tips together with Brezden Pest Control Services can help you assure that your home and office remain pest free this Fourth of July holiday and for the rest of the year.

Contact Us Today for a Free Pest Control Estimate to get started by calling: 1-800-464-9446 or you may complete your detailed pest control request online here.

As a courtesy to our new and prospective customers we are offering you a complimentary copy of 10 Reasons Why Customers Choose Brezden Pest Control to give you an idea of reasons why our customers continue to choose the Brez for their bug control needs.

John Brezden

About Brezden Pest Control: Brezden Pest Control provides rodent controlbird control,  ant control, and termite treatment services in the San Luis Obispo area. The company keeps homes and businesses pest-free with its commercial pest control and home pest control services.  “Like” the Facebook page to receive information on termite treatment. Call 1-800-464-9446 today for a local pest control estimate. Visit the website to download a copy of the “Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Brezden Pest Control.”

Brezden Pest Control - rodent control

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Send in the troops. Rosie’s Cleaning Service

Dear Friends,

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season, and this year Rosie’s wants to make sure you don’t spend your whole summer indoors cleaning. Spend Memorial Day weekend with your friends and family, and leave the cleaning to Rosie’s. You work hard all day at your job, so why should you have to come home and work hard cleaning the house?

Rosie’s Cleaning Service

Rosie’s Cleaning believes your time at home should be spent relaxing and enjoying your home, and not spent fretting over cleaning chores. Rosie’s doesn’t just clean the surfaces of your home. We provide your home with a deep clean and help you keep your free time free. Here’s what you get with the Rosie’s Deep Clean Guarantee.

No Surface Left Unturned: We get it all. Dusting surfaces, mirrors, kitchen counters, windows, shelves, furniture, and everything else. We don’t just clean the surfaces. We disinfect them too, giving your family a clean house that will also keep them healthy.

Don’t Forget the Fabrics: Don’t know how to get those pesky stains out of fabric? Well we do.  Whether it’s removing stains or removing dirt out of fabrics, we go where the dirt goes. Hate having to mess with the laundry? We can take care of that for you too. From hard surfaces to soft fabrics, we know how to do it all.

Kitchens and Bathrooms: Probably the two places in your house that get dirty the quickest. That’s why Rosie’s leaves no corner untouched. Tub, toilet, mirror, sink and cabinets. We clean it all so you don’t have to.

Where You Walk: A big house means a long time spent running the vacuum, but the professionals at Rosie’s don’t just work hard, we work efficient. Our expert team knows how to get the job done correctly and quickly. Don’t spend all day running the vacuum. One quick phone call, and you’ll never have to worry about vacuuming again.

Clean Like You Read: And that means we start from the top and work our way down. Don’t spend all day vacuuming your house only to realize you still need to clean surfaces in half the house. Rosie’s always has a plan of attack, and when we are done, you’ll be left with singing our praise. We promise.


About Rosie’s Cleaning Service: Rosie’s Cleaning Service has been the Santa Barbara cleaning experts since 1990. Services include residential cleaningcommercial cleaningafter party cleaningpost-construction clean-up service, and vacation rental clean-up service. Visit the website at www.cleaningbyrosie.com to download a complimentary copy of the PDF, “The Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Rosie’s Cleaning.” “Like” the Facebook page to receive Santa Barbara cleaning tips. Call 805-698-3132 for a quick quote on Santa Barbara maid service.

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Make Your Move With Hazelwood Allied

Dear Friends,

It’s been another year and it’s time to celebrate the patriarchs of our families that keep us all going throughout the year. At this time of year we would like to take a moment to honor the hard working fathers out there. This includes: Brothers, Husbands, and all other father-like figures.

Here at Hazelwood Allied we value the impact that fathers have on our lives. We’re a family owned company that believes in upholding strong family values. Fathers teach the value of hard work, which is definitely something that we believe in here. We also have some very hard working fathers here on the Hazelwood Allied team.

When it comes to dependability, and trust you can also count on the Allied family to help to meet your families moving and storage needs. Our family been operating in the Santa Barbara area for the past 41 years. We understand that moving and making changes can be tough and we make it our business to make these things as easy as possible for you so that you can get back to the business of everyday life.

Whether it’s personal or for business we have you covered for all of your moving and storage needs. Our drivers are top-rated and have been with Hazelwood for an average of 15 years or more. Our entire team is dedicated to providing reliable and hassle free service. A lot of our drivers are fathers too so they know the value of protecting your family’s belongings and moving them safely.

Hazelwood Allied is a Full-Service Relocation Company that provides Local, National, and International moving and storage services to residential and commercial clients in the Santa Barbara area and beyond. You can rely on us to provide top-tier services in the areas of:

Local Moves Around the Santa Barbara Area

Packing Services

Long-Term Storage/Short-Term Storage

National Moves

Office/Industrial Moves

International Moves

http://www.casadorinda.org has been deemed by some in the Santa Barbara moving and self-storage community as: “The Careful Movers.” We understand that moving and relocating can be a stressful time for you and your family so we work hard to assure you a smooth transition from beginning to end. We take the same time and care with your belongings that we would take with our own. The last thing that anyone needs during a time of transition is another headache. We make the process as easy as we can for you and your family.

We know the importance and dedication that it takes to maintain a happy home, family, and business. That’s why here at Hazelwood we incorporate family values into our business practices which allows for us to provide top-notch service and has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Did you know that Hazelwood Allied is Senior Move Certified through the CRTS, and regularly helps local Santa Barbara seniors with moving services.

Consider Hazelwood Allied for your next move. Personal, Business, or otherwise. Our family has your family covered. Don’t take unnecessary risks by hiring a less experienced and professional company. Contact Hazelwood Allied for a free estimate or give us a call at 800.541.5958.


Casey McCann
Phone: (805) 963-4493
Email: casey@hazelwoodallied.com

About Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage: Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage is one of the oldest family-owned Santa Barbara moving companies. It has everything needed for local, national, and international moves, and manages both residential moves and commercial moves. Its affiliate, McCann Mini Storage, provides storage units in Santa Barbara. Visit the website at http://www.hazelwoodallied.com to read testimonials about the Santa Barbara movers. “Like” the Facebook page for moving and storage tips. Call 800-541-5958 for a free moving estimate or information on Santa Barbara storage units.

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The Construction And Working Principle Of A Hot Air Oven

Image result for hot air oven

The hot air oven is an electrical device which is used in the various industries. The device uses hot dry steam for the sterilization of the products used in the industries. The industrial ovens have different types which are used for the different applications like Annealing, Curing, Heating, Baking, Drying, Pre-Heating, Sterilization, etc. There are various types of industries which use various types of the products to process them as the final product. The application and process type matters most when buying an oven for your industry. It is always better to choose the product wisely after analyzing the necessary points.

While Choosing A Hot Air Oven Pay Attention On The Following Points:-

  • Inner chamber dimensions
  • Inner chamber construction
  • Number of the shelf and option to remove it
  • Temperature range
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Electric supply
  • Heater supply
  • Overall dimensions of the device
  • Net weight of the unit

Working Principle Of A Hot Air Oven

  • The device works well to sterilize the products manufactured in the different industries using the dry heat to keep them safe.
  • It is good at killing the bacteria from the products in the process of sterilization which is the main motive of processing the products.
  • The inside chambers of the devices are equipped to create a pressure as to provide a good air circulation.
  • The device is used in the pharmaceutical applications which prove that it is safe for the baby products.
  • It is also used in the heating, drying, and baking processes besides the process of sterilization of the products.

Sturdy Construction Of A Hot Air Oven

  • All external cases of hot air ovens are covered with a thick layer to provide it a better strength from inside out. This provides a strong, highly screech and heat resistant surface for a long lasting attractive finish to the device.
  • Internal surfaces (including the doors) of the device are made from a high strength material which could be aluminum or stainless steel in order to eliminate sharp edges.
  • The double walled chamber of the device is filled with high grade insulation as to prevent heat loss while operating it.
  • The door of the oven has a gasket which shelves the sides of the doors to fit neatly into the fixed runners. Also, the insulation materials are filled between the two walls of the oven to avoid heat loss.
  • The capacity of the device varies with the use and requirement of the industries. The power supply also varies in the same manner as the capacity of the device varies depending on the voltage and frequency used.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9605409

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prepaid Gas And Electricity

Prepayment meters have become very popular today and many people are now using them for their electricity and gas. This is a plan that means consumers pay for energy before they actually use it. It functions the same way prepaid mobile phone services work so when you run out of credit you need to top up otherwise your gas or electricity supply is switched off.

Different energy companies offer different type of prepayment meters with the key meters being one of the options that you have. These are meters that come with keys that are electronically coded specifically for your meter and has your tariff information. There are also smart card meters, which work by downloading energy usage information and sending it to your supplier when you top up. Token meters are the third type of prepayment meters even though they are slowly dying out in some areas. Some use cards while others make it possible for you to buy tokens directly from your mobile wallet to continue enjoying the energy.

The advantages

· Prepaid gas and electricity comes with the advantage of managing your energy consumption. When you pay for energy you can afford at that particular moment, you are able to limit your usage so that it lasts for the period you want.

· The meters make it possible for you to tell when you are misusing your energy, hence you can easily come up with measures that cut on your consumption. They make it even easier for homeowners to tell how energy efficient new and existing appliances are so they can make any necessary changes.

· The prepaid option saves you from unexpected high bills. This is because you only use what you have paid for and you therefore do not have to worry about the bills at the end of the month.

· They save you from estimates that can end up overcharging you. This is because the prepayment meters do not require any meter reading for you to be billed.

· You can still take advantage of tariff rates if you have a compatible prepayment meter. It simply means you can determine your prices depending on when you decide to use your electricity.

The disadvantages

· Most of the prepayment meters are single rate, meaning that you pay the same for electricity and gas regardless of what time you use it. It is a plan that can therefore be more expensive in terms of energy supply.

· The meters can sometimes be inconveniencing because you need to be keen and have credit at all times to avoid disconnection when you least expect. This means that you need to have everything in order even when you are sick to avoid disconnection.

The advantages of prepayment meters outweigh the disadvantages and it might be a good idea to consider having them installed. Some energy companies are now phasing out the old meters and embracing the prepayment meters and you can easily make a switch if you feel they are the best option for your energy needs around the home.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9300384

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Advantages Of West Facing House Plans

Image result for house plans

West facing house plans are ideal for people who like enjoying the setting sun. If you are wondering what a west facing house is, this is a house that is located on a plot with a road on the west side. One of the main advantages of the design is that it allows you to enjoy the warm evening sun. It’s believed that houses that face west bring more wealth and prosperity and the owners of these houses don’t have enemies.

In addition to people living in west facing houses being prosperous in life, they are also said to be extroverts and are loved by many people. They also make friends easily which helps them in their businesses and careers.

How to Design a West Facing House

As an architect you need to consider a number of factors when designing a west facing house. For ideal results you should avoid planning the house to be built on a T-shaped plot. This is because a house constructed on such a plot doesn’t look elegant. According to Vastu, a house built on a T-shaped plot diverts the positive energy in the house causing conflict in couples.

For the owner of the house to enjoy the benefits that come with this design, it’s recommended that you design the house such that the master bedroom is located on the south-west side. Vastu also recommends that the master bedroom should be located on the south-west side as the direction promotes better understanding among partners. You should build the children bedroom on the west side of the house while the guest room should be in the North West direction.

To ensure that enough sunlight gets into your house, you should eliminate any clutter that might be in the western side. You should also ensure that all tall trees are in the backside.

You should ensure that there’s less open space at the front of a west facing plot. When designing the house you should ensure that the main gate is located at the mid-west or northern half of the plot.

Experts recommend that the eastern and northern directions of the plot are the best for water storage; therefore, these are the best places to place the water storage tank.


As mentioned before, a west facing house is ideal for people who like enjoying the evening sun. While the evening sun is great to look it, it can sometimes be annoying especially when it slips into your house making it hard for you to watch television or work on your computer. To prevent this you should install blinds on your doors and windows.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8959643

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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite Dad! Ask About Transport GHP

Dear Readers,

As a family-owned business, we know that Dad often feels responsible for keeping the home safe from pests, bugs, insects, and other unwanted guests. But Dad can sometimes get too busy to do everything that is needed to safely protect your home. That’s when we recommend turning to Brezden Pest Control for our home pest control services.

Because we have provided local pest control services in San Luis Obispo since 1980, we know a lot about one pest that keeps Dad, and everyone else, up at night – bed bugs. Bed bugs greatly impact the lives of our neighbors in San Luis Obispo and communities in and around the Central Coast of California. While they don’t actually spread disease, they can sure make life miserable for people and pets. Their parasitic habits mean they will suck the blood from humans and animals, usually while everyone is sleeping.

Fortunately, the pest control specialists at Brezden have in-depth experience in treating and eliminating bed bug infestation. Check out one of the products we use, and then call Brezden at 1-800-464-9446 today to schedule your home pest inspection. We provide superior pest control services in San Luis Obispo, and know how to keep your home and yard free of beg bugs, pests and unwanted garden guests! Look for our special Father’s Day offer below.

Transport GHP Provides Protection From Annoying Bed Bugs

Brezden Pest Control is in our 37th year of providing professional home pest control services. One of the most effective products we have found in the fight for bed bug control is Transport GHP, or General Household Pest. This product is made by FMC Corporation. Some reasons why we use this product to help in the battle against bed bugs are:

  • Active ingredients include Acetamiprid and Bifenthrin. This allows us to quickly eliminate any existing colonies of bed bugs in your home, often within as little as 24 hours, and to control their population for up to 90 days.
  • In addition to bed bugs, Transport GHP also helps protect your home from ants, beetles, cockroaches, chiggers, earwigs, fleas and more than 30 other species of household pests.
  • Our pest control technician will carefully apply Transport GHP inside and to the outside surfaces of your home including the exterior siding, foundation, porch, window frame, eaves, patio, garage, storage shed, and other areas where these annoying insects may be hiding.

If your home has bed bugs or needs ant controlrat control, or dead animal removal, don’t get the run around – keep the Brez around! Visit our website at http://BrezdenPest.com to make an appointment online. Call 1-800-464-9446 today for a free local pest control estimate.

John Brezden

About Brezden Pest Control: Brezden Pest Control provides rodent controlbird control,  ant control, and termite treatment services in the San Luis Obispo area. The company keeps homes and businesses pest-free with its commercial pest control and home pest control services.  “Like” the Facebook page to receive information on termite treatment. Call 1-800-464-9446 today for a local pest control estimate. Visit the website to download a copy of the “Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Brezden Pest Control.”

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