Front Elevation Design: Changing the Look of A House


The design of a home is a visual interpretation of what a building designer has in his or her mind. It is based on information gathered from clients or trends that do well with the typical home buyer. The end result can be misconstrued as being a final product set in stone. However, it is only a final output for a particular design concept based on the aforementioned information obtained from one source. With new sources, i.e. a different client, the same design ideas can be modified in a way that can take on a whole new look. In other words, the same floor plan can take on a different look with a front elevation design.

Alter the floor plan facade
One of the easiest ways to change an elevation is to adjust the facade of the floor plan. Home builders use this technique all the time. Basically, the front walls are either protruded or recessed to create offsets. This allows for a unique visual contrast, making the home appear to be different in design. This type of elevation design is the most economical approach to changing the look of a house, which is why production home builders find it appealing.

Adjust the roof design
In addition to moving walls on the facade, changing the roof design can further take an elevation concept into a new direction. For example, if the original plan has a simple gable roof design, changing it to a hip roof design redefines the visual perception. Combining this with walls that offset can add more distinction and really begin to take on a whole new look. These elements will give the impression that it is a different home altogether.

Change the style of architecture
The most detailed way to change a the front of a home design is to completely redo the architecture style. While a bit more labor intensive, it is the most effective method. It usually combines changing the facade and roof design as well. Imagine changing a colonial home plan design to a Tudor or craftsman design. In this scenario, the floor plan design in much more important because it has to be friendly to the chosen design style. In other words, to remain true to a particular architectural style, the plan must be conducive.

Changing the look of a house with an elevation design is a viable alternative to reinventing the entire design altogether. As explained above, there are several options for you to explore. You can go a simple route by slightly altering the facade or making the roof design different. For a more dramatic change, consider a new style of architecture.

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