Reasons to Spend Holidays in the Crescent Bar Area

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Halloween is coming up, and everyone is thinking of trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns and fun activities for this holiday. The end of October is a beautiful time of year in Central Washington. Imagine watching snow fall on the Cascade Mountains for the first time (if it happens!) while relaxing by the Columbia River during the last waning days of mild weather.

Whether your future vacation is in the summer or around Halloween, remember that we’ll soon be rolling out our first phase of development for Rio Vista Shores, a planned development by the Columbia River near Wenatchee. In early 2015, we begin construction on one of the best developments in Central Washington that covers 118 acres of prime real estate in the Crescent Bar area.

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People from Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and other areas will flock to buy new vacation homes so that they can enjoy all the Halloweens they can in beautiful Washington. Did you know that salmon and steelhead fish flock to the Columbia River every year? Well, they do, and now people can watch them from their own front porches at Rio Vista Shores.

In the next few years, everyone will love spending their Halloween in the best development in the state. Happy Halloween, and have fun!

Jan Hochhauser and Jay Blatter

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3 Reasons to Spend Halloween in the Crescent Bar Area

If you’ve never been to the Crescent Bar area before, you are in for a real treat. The “Crescent Bar” refers to the area of land directly on the Columbia River just south of Wenatchee and 90 miles east of Seattle. For second-home and vacation home buyers, this area is a dream. With the holidays coming up, everyone tries to think of new and fun ways to celebrate Halloween. Investing in Rio Vista Shores means you’ll help foster a development where families can really enjoy October 31.

  1. Enjoy the crisp fall weather near the Columbia River Valley

The geography of the Crescent Bar area, where Rio Vista Shores will be located, is unique. The development will be located in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, so the homes will get 300 days of sunshine a year. As fall slowly transitions into winter, this fantastic outdoors area will be something to behold in October. Watch the tree leaves change colors and decorate your future yard with pumpkins while relishing the nippy autumn air!

  1. Spend time in Wenatchee

Rio Vista Shores and the rest of Crescent Bar is outside of town, but isn’t located far from Wenatchee. With a sizeable population, Wenatchee boasts many attractions, such as various performing arts groups and great hiking trails. It’s a town famous for apples too, which are harvested in the fall! Plus, if you want to be around more people and attend Halloween parties and celebrations, this is the town you want to go to before you return to Rio Vista Shores and relax.Wenatchee is a big reason why Rio Vista Shores is so special — you get to experience nature at home, but you’re still close to a city.

  1. Take advantage of the outdoors

The biggest draw to the Crescent Bar is the amount of outdoor activities. In the summer, the Columbia River becomes famous for its water sports and fishing options. You can also hike, bike and walk around to your heart’s delight. In October, the weather can still stay mild so you can still walk around and look at the fall leaves near the river, or take a hike on the Apple Capital Recreation Loop in Wenatchee. With all the attractions and amenities near Rio Vista Shores, be assured that many people will find this area to be a great place to enjoy not just summer, but autumn and Halloween.

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  1. What types of families will be drawn to Rio Vista Shores during summer and Halloween?

Because Rio Vista Shores is a luxury development, we anticipate that families from metro areas such as Portland, Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver will take advantage of this great development. They will be able to escape to the beauty of Central Washington in the fall for a break from city life and to enjoy Halloween by the Columbia River.

  1. Is this a good time to invest in housing developments?

Now is a fantastic time to invest in real estate. The housing market has bounced back and home values have increased 30% per year since 2012. Taking advantage of the housing market right now will be beneficial for investors.

  1. Will Halloween be too cold for Rio Vista Shores residents to enjoy?

We might not be in Mexico, but Rio Vista Shores is located in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains. This means it is a pretty temperate climate for people to relish when spending the autumn season in the area. Picking apples, visiting pumpkin patches and enjoying the fall leaves will be a big draw to the Crescent Bar area. Imagine all the trick-or-treating fun, too!

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Here are some great Halloween events for everyone in the Wenatchee area.

Parks and Recreation Halloween Party: Youth Halloween Carnival: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Oct. 31 – Enjoy hot cider in apple country, along with games, prizes and a lot more to do with kids at this annual Halloween party.

Trick or Treat on the Avenue: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 31 – Join this great local event for trick-or-treating in downtown Wenatchee.

Haunted Theatre Haunted House: Open Oct. 23 through Oct. 31 – This haunted house is a walk-through attraction at the National Guard Armory on 5th Street, Wenatchee. This year’s haunt is double the size of any previous Haunted Theatre. Tickets are $10 and children under ten are not recommended.

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About RIO Vista Shores: Whether you are interested in buying vacation homes, finding second homes for sale, or adding to your real estate investments, Rio Vista Shores is the perfect combination of scenic beauty and sound financial planning. Don’t hesitate and miss your opportunity to enjoy unspoiled Columbia River views, while surrounded by luxury and comfort. Visit the website or follow on Facebook or call 1-877-RIO-2221 to reserve your piece of this prime riverfront real estate.


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