Craft Idea Using Tape and Other Household Supplies

Rainy days, cancelled school, or just another Sunday will often find children being stuck indoors and complaining about boredom. Why not make the day interesting and fun making crafts and projects using supplies that are most likely just lying around the house? Using ordinary objects such as coat hangers and glow in the dark tape can turn a dull day into one full of learning and excitement.

Create the solar system! Using the glow in the dark tape and a coat hanger help the kids build their very own solar system they can hang in their rooms. This is a great way to teach them about the solar system (even if the internet is needed for some brushing up) while giving them something to do for the time being and they can enjoy for several weeks to come.

Get silly with the creating. Parents and children alike can have a blast coming up with costume ideas using household items. Create an alien spacesuit from tin foil and the glow in the dark tape to go with the solar system or dress up an old costume with it. Glow in the dark tape comes in a variety of colors and the kids’ excitement with their creation will be rejuvenated when it gets dark outside and they can still see their creations in the dark. They may even want to go to bed on time, even if it is just to see their creation in a dark room.

Speaking of dark rooms have them decorate and old lamp using the tape. The light from the lamp will help to charge the tape and when the lights are off, voila, the lamp will still light up the room. Kids will love being creative making animal or flower shapes in the tape or simply wrapping it around so it covers the entire lamp shade or base. However they choose to decorate the lamp it will surely give them an hour or two or creative fun.

Use those old socks and put on a puppet show. Using old socks, yarn and a marker have them make puppets and come up with their own puppet show. Be the audience or join in on the fun. Sock puppets are an easy project and can work for a variety of different ages.

Tape these days comes in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. Help the kids pick an item, perhaps a headband or an old cup and they can decorate the item using the tape. Wrapping tape around the cup or headband is one way to do it but, with help from an adult, they can also cut out shapes and adhere them to the items. Stickers would also be a fun option but by using tape it will be more adhesive and more likely to stick to the object for a longer period of time.

A great idea for a day stuck indoors, especially in the early spring or fall, is to make a kite. Several kids can work on one kite or they can all make their own. Get out tape, ribbon, paper, markers, string and whatever else is laying around and let the kids go crazy. They can make an animal or just decorate it to their liking. Then they can hang them in their rooms until the next windy day and take them out for a fly.

Craft ideas using items already lying around the house are endless. With a little creative thinking, and some help from the internet, parents and caregivers can give their kids a day filled with fun and save them from boredom. Teaching them creative ways to use their time and helping them learn are great ways to beat the monotony of a day indoors for both parents and children.

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