Diamond Balboa Bay Resort Partners with Monarch Green, Inc. ®

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Newport Beach, CA – Sept 18th, 2015:  Monarch Green, Inc. is very pleased and honored to announce that its line of high capacity, fast-acting Eco-Friendly Green spill containment and cleanup products have been chosen by the legendary 4 Diamond Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach to support its commitment to do all it can to protect our fragile environment.
“Everybody loves a beautiful beach with gorgeous white sand and the bluest of waters. It is a pleasure to be selected by the 4 Diamond Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach to collaborate and help preserve their distinguished environment.” stated Tom Rossi, Chairman and CEO on Monarch Green, Inc. ®
The expansive Balboa Bay Resort is the only full-service waterfront hotel in Newport Beach, welcoming a large number of tourists by land and sea year round, accommodating many vessels of all sizes ranging up to 130 feet or more in length. With so much activity, there is always the potential for leaks, spills and issues of all kinds on land and water, and the Balboa Bay Resort remains fully prepared to safeguard the environment from such threats to its land area and its lengthy waterfront.
Monarch Green, Inc. ® provides spill containment products under the brand names of Oilinator®, IncrediSorb™, Universal Special Absorbent™, and Cel-Fiber Universal spill cleanup products and other environmentally sound, spill cleanup products which are made using recycled materials and are perfect for the needs of the 4 Diamond Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach.  The company recently announced a new product called the Pool & Spa Saver Mouse®,a pool cleaning product designed to keep pool & spa water clean without relying on potentially harmful chemicals or enzymes.
About Monarch Green, Inc. ®: Monarch Green, Inc. ® answers the world’s demand for environmentally-friendly, technologically-advanced, cost-effective emergency spill kits and absorbent mats. Its spill kits and oil absorbent pads can be utilized to contain and clean up a brake fluid leakfuel spillengine oil leaksgasoline spilldiesel spill, or RV leaks. Visit the website at http://MonarchGreen.com to become a distributor. “Like” the Facebook page for information on spill containment solutions. Call 1-877-500-SPILL (7745) Ext. 1 to find an authorized distributor.

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