Pool and Spa Saver Mouse Reviews Pool Safety Product – Katchakid Pool Net

At Pool and Spa Saver Mouse, we take pool safety very seriously. As professionals in the swimming pool industry, we take it as our responsibility to inform you regarding the best in pool safety products, and to save you from investing in useless ones. That is why we bring you unbiased and comprehensive reviews of the best pool safety products. Katchakid pool net is one of the most prominent pool safety products on the market. The founders of the product have over three decades of experience in the swimming pool industry.  If you own a pool, you may have heard or read about the KatchaKid pool saftey net. So, does it really live up to the claims and promises?

Let’s find out.

A Little Intro

Katchakid was a company founded by Blair Esson, the owner of sporting supply and manufacturing company, after his friend lost their son in a drowning accident in 1967. After five years of handwork, Esson came up with a prototype that laid foundation of the first swimming pool safety net. Katchakid safety net today is a more evolved and improved version of the first one. The company has further extended its offering with a pool fence as well.

Design and Material

Katchakid’s design and material both work together to make it durable and reliable as a safety product. The mesh is made of high density 4mm and 5mm polyethylene fiber. The diamond slim line design ensures that the net reels up smoothly and evenly. The product features heat-set mesh and stented knots to make sure the size remains uniform all across the net. The net is further treated with UV stabilized inhibitors to make it resilient against acids and chemical found in the water. The treatment also prevents the net from absorbing or holding too much water.

Safety and Performance

Katchakid net is complaint with ASTM F1346-91 safety standards, which means it is capable of holding a weight of at least 485 pounds. That averages up to five kids or two adults and a kid. Every single element of the net is made from the finest grade material including the Grade 316 stainless steel fasteners and injection molded nylon anchors. The best thing about Katchakid is that the mesh if perfectly sized to catch a toddler and also to restrict movement while the child is on the net.

Ease of Use

Katchakid has an installation team that properly installs the net and whole system in place. However, it is easy to do it yourself by following the instruction the company gladly offers if requested. Removing the net takes hardly three to five minutes while putting it back on may require a few more minutes depending on the size of the pool. Since the company is the foremost name in this industry, they cater to almost every size and style of pool, commercial and residential. There is no requirement of removing the net when chlorinating the pool.

The Final Verdict

Finally, it all boiled down to customer service. After decades in the business, it’s almost impossible to find a single disappointed customer. The customer service is on point and the team is always ready to help the customers. The product itself is a preferred choice and recommendation of several leading water safety organizations.

In an effort to ensure our customers are well informed, we regularly review and suggest pool products that complement the Pool and Spa Saver Mouse.  We are always thinking of ways to help our audience of loyal customers learn about the various pool products on the market.  The final selection of KatchaKid was chosen based on their experience in the industry, the education they provide at their web site and over all genuine concern for helping pool owners avoid a tragedy such as an infant or a pet drowning.

However, it is important to note that although Monarch Green is pleased to share with its customers and friends information on apparently useful products, we cannot guarantee the performance or accuracy of any other company’s claims. Monarch Green encourages everyone to do their own research to ensure they are making sound choices based on their own investigation.

About Pool & Spa Saver Mouse®: The Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® is an important addition to any pool cleaning system. Designed to effortlessly help keep a pool clean, the product is based on Monarch Green’s specialized knowledge of oil spill containment and absorption. Visit the website at http://PoolandSpaSaverMouse.com to order this latest advancement in swimming pool cleaning or find a local distributor near you. Call 877-500-SPILL (7745) to become a distributor.

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