Brezden Pest Control Provides Earwig Control Insights

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As a family-owned business, we know that moms often hold down jobs while keeping the home running smoothly, taking care of the kids, and sharing love all around. This Mother’s Day, let Brezden Pest Control take one task off her to-do list. Contact us to schedule a free estimate for our home pest control services. She’ll get peace of mind, knowing that we have provided local pest control services in San Luis Obispo since 1980.

 Speaking of moms, there are many examples of great mothering in the animal community, and even in the insect, bug and pest world. Did you know that even earwigs make great moms? They provide a warm nest, keep the eggs clean, and protect them from predators, but all that loving care can result in an earwig infestation. Once they establish themselves, they can destroy all the veggies, fruit and flowers you’ve worked so hard to grow.

The best way to keep earwigs under control is to call Brezden at 1-800-464-9446 to schedule a pest inspection. We provide superior pest control services in San Luis Obispo, and know how to keep your home and yard free of bugs, pests and unwanted garden guests! Look for our special Mother’s Day offer below.

Things You Need to Know About Earwigs

Brezden Pest Control is in our 37th year of providing professional home pest control services. Here are some things we’ve learned about earwigs:

  • Earwigs have lobster-like pincers located at the end of their abdomen. Although they might look off-putting, these are used mostly for defensive purposes. Earwigs are not known to bite humans or pets, but be careful if you pick one up.
  • They do their eating at night, devouring everything they come across such as leaves, flowers, fruit, and even mold, leaving homeowners quite an unpleasant morning surprise.
  • During the day, they seek shelter in some type of dark and damp area. Favorite hiding places include organic matter such as mulch, pine straw, lawn clippings and leaf litter, or underneath stones and sidewalks.
  • They burrow around home foundations, and often find their way inside the home from there, or through small cracks around doors or windows.
  • Mother earwigs can produce two batches of eggs every year, with each batch consisting of up to 80 eggs.
  • Contrary to popular myth, they do not tunnel through the ears of sleeping victims and lodge themselves in your brain!

Brezden Pest Control offers effective earwig elimination that will also help your garden to recover and prosper. To help keep mom happy this Mother’s Day, schedule any type of home pest control service before May 14th, 2017, and we’ll take 10% off the total cost of your treatment. Simply mention this newsletter special!

If your home has earwigs or needs bird control, rat control, or dead animal removal, don’t get the run around – keep the Brez around. Visit our website at to make an appointment online. Call 1-800-464-9446 today for a local pest control estimate.  Happy Mother’s Day from the Brezden Family!

About Brezden Pest Control: Brezden Pest Control provides rodent controlbird control,  ant control, and termite treatment services in the San Luis Obispo area. The company keeps homes and businesses pest-free with its commercial pest control and home pest control services.  “Like” the Facebook page to receive information on termite treatment. Call 1-800-464-9446 today for a local pest control estimate. Visit the website to download a copy of the “Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Brezden Pest Control.”

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